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Caprini Creamery

Welcome to the website for Caprini Creamery, Indiana's Farmstead goat dairy. Located in Spiceland, about 40 miles east of Indianapolis, we now a year round dairy meaning that all of the does (female goats) will kid (have babies) in the Spring and Summer. They are dried off and rest for 2-3 months of their pregnancy before they kid, starting the cycle again. Our dream of operating a goat dairy started several years ago. We had a few goats as pets and enjoyed their company. We were looking for an opportunity to combine our love of goats and my interest in science and cooking. Making cheese seemed like the perfect endeavor.

Caprini Creamery | Revittle

The milking parlor is the room where the does come to be milked twice a day. They enter using a ramp outside the door so they can stand on the elevated milking platform. The eat grain while they are being milked. The milkhouse or bulk tank room is where the milk is refrigerated until it is processed into cheese. We have a 52-gallon refrigerated bulk tank for holding the milk. The make room houses the 52-gallon pasteurizer (left picture) and is where the cheese is made. The milk is pumped from the bulk tank to the pasteurizer through stainless steel sanitairy piping. Since we are making fresh cheeses, we pasteurize the milk. Once it has cooled to the desired temperature, the cheese cultures are added and allowed to incubate. The cheese curds are gently scooped into cheesecloth and allowed to drain overnight. 

Caprini Creamery | Revittle

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