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Clover Valley Creamery

Clover Valley Creamery is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. On a farm in a small valley of green meadows and a gently flowing stream. They specialize in making handmade artisanal Camembert style cheese made from cow, sheep and goat's milk.

Clover Valley Creamery's Sheep

Their cheese is made in small batches, and is batch pasteurized to a gentle 145°F. After the curds are hand-ladled into molds, the cheese is left to drain overnight. The following morning the cheese is taken out of the molds and salted by hand. The cheese is left to dry for the rest of the day before going into the aging room, which is carefully monitored for temperature and humidity to ensure a high quality cheese. The cheese spends 10-14 days in the aging room, during which time it is carefully turned every other day to ensure proper mold grown. After the aging process it is hand wrapped in special cheese paper and moved to colder temperature, waiting for shipment.

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