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East Hill Creamery

Gary and Betty Burley started East Hill Farm in 1981 with a small herd of 18 cows on a 100 acre farm on the East Hill (Route 20A) in Warsaw, NY. The farm acquired more land as it became available and gradually increased the herd in order to support their family and stay self sufficient. Today East Hill Farms milks 700 cows in a rotational grazing system.

Their five children grew up working alongside their parents on the farm and four of them are still actively involved. The cows are allowed to graze in the pastures from around mid April through November.

The milking cows walk back and forth from the pasture to the milking parlor twice a day and can often be seen walking under Route 20A through our cattle underpass. Fresh air, sunshine, green grass, attention to details, animal husbandry, and exercise all keep them healthy and have contributed to our success.

Gary and Betty decided to pursue a longtime dream to share with the community by producing a value added product from their milk and began construction of a state of the art cheese plant in the Spring of 2015. Before starting, they researched many different types of cheeses and decided on Alpine style cheeses that would emphasize the flavors in their milk derived from the grasses, herbs and flowers the cows eat in the pasture.

East Hill Creamery

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