Fairy Tale Farm

Fairy Tale Farm is a small sheep farm in Bridport, VT run by Alissa Shethar (cheesemaker and shepherd) and her daughter Zarrah (farmers marketer). Currently, we make aged raw milk semi-soft and semi-hard cheeses from the Crawford family’s Ayrshire cow milk, Dan Robertshaw’s goat milk and soon, we hope, from our own ewes’ milk. The milk is like nothing else--creamy, pale gold, pleasantly sweet--and said to be easier on the digestion than other cow milk. The cheeses are made in small batches and aged 3 to 6 months, brushed, rubbed with spices, or washed with spirits. We source all our ‘added’ ingredients- cocoa, barrel-aged gin, whisky, and herbs- from neighbors or friends from the farmers markets.

Our farm was originally settled as a sheep farm over 250 years ago. The sheep and goats love the hilly terrain, and our farmhouse used to have both a ‘wool room’ and a granary. The farm now supports a handful of Angora goats and about 75 East Friesian sheep with a few Awassi and Romney crosses. They produce rich, creamy milk that reflects their serene and generous natures, as well as a great deal of wool. After shearing in the spring, we have the best of the sheep and goat fleece spun for blankets and yarn.