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Hidden Hills Dairy

Hidden Hills Dairy along with its sister organization, Hidden Hills Jerseys, is located in the scenic, rolling hills of south central Pennsylvania. Jerseys have called this farm home since 1955 when Ray and Elaine Sollenberger established the herd. During the first half century, the family developed a herd of cows that was nationally recognized for high production and superior genetics. In the fall of 2005, the herd was dispersed at a public auction that drew widespread attention.

The same care and attention that, for years, went into developing the cows is now focused on making quality cheese. With the milk from nine cows, daughter Lori and husband Rex Knepp are making fine cheeses in an on farm facility licensed and inspected by the PA Department of Agriculture.

All of our cheeses begin with fresh milk from our own Jersey cows. From April through October, our cows enjoy the wide-open spaces and superb nutrition made possible by intensive grazing. During the winter months, the ration is based on our own home grown grass and alfalfa hay. We do not feed any fermented feeds or use rbst.

The quality of our cheese begins with quality milk from contented, stress free cows.

The cheeses are produced on the farm in our licensed cheese plant. Currently, all our cheeses are made with raw milk and aged for a minimum of sixty days.

Small batches and careful processing create a flavorful cheese that we offer with pride.

Hidden Hills Cheeses

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