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About Us

We believe in bringing the farm to you.

Revittle brings you the largest online inventory of direct-to-consumer, small batch, artisan cheeses, cured meats and wine.

We founded our company on the principle that farms and producers making the best cheeses, cured meats and wines should be able to connect with people in search of extraordinary food.

Each order placed on Revittle makes a direct, positive impact by supporting small scale agriculture, viticulture, and the very people who make their living this way. What’s more, you get the best products on the market, shipped directly to your door.

Revittle customers range from chefs to retail shops and from established epicures to budding food lovers. Our producers hail from across the country, each showcasing—through their products and stories—the difference that ingredients and process can make.

Explore Revittle

Let us introduce you to the families and people who take pride in the quality of their products. Together, we put healthy, regionally produced foods and wines on your table.

Vineyards & Wineries

Our wine makers are passionate about providing wines that are gracefully aged from vine to table.

Family Farms & Creameries

An exceptional group of producers fully committed to providing you with fresh handmade products.

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