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Aged approximately 6-10 months.

Made with A2 Cow's Milk.

Paradise Cheddar is an artisan cheese for those who prefer a bolder flavor. It is still a very smooth medium cheddar, but has a finish that bites back. Since the cheddar is aged more than 12 months, it is drier with a more crystalline texture. Alpine Heritage Creamery believes strongly in creating cheese the way nature intended, with organic happy cows and without heat treating the cheese. Paradise Cheddar is great with cured meats and as a sandwich cheese.

Ingredients: Made with raw organic cow's milk from grass fed cows, salt, rennet and cheese culture.

Weight may vary slightly.

Milk TypeA2 Cow's Milk
CountyLancaster County
AgingRaw Milk Cheese Aged More than 60 Days
Production Methods100% Pastured Cows
Aging6-10 Months
TypeCheddar Cheese
Production MethodsOrganic

Our partners at Alpine Heritage Creamery are farmstead cheese making professionals using old world techniques and recipes. Your cheese is hand picked and shipped right from their cheese cave to your door. To ensure the quality of the cheese during delivery, all shipments will go out Monday through Wednesday with 1-2 day delivery.

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