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12 - 1/2 lb Containers per Case

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Caledonia Spirits is a craft distillery located in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. They partner with local beekeepers to source raw honey for their Landcrafted spirits.

Raw honey has never been heated or filtered and thus retains the beneficial traces of pollen, propolis, and beeswax.

Their Landcrafted spirits and raw honey reflect their deep relationship to the land and Vermont's agricultural heritage.

CountyCaledonia County
ProducerCaledonia Spirits
ProductRaw Honey

Caledonia Spirits craft distillery is located in Caledonia County, Vermont and inspired by the view from atop the Barr Hill Nature Preserve. Caledonia Spirits was founds on a vision to support working landscapes and local agriculture by making Barr Hill craft spirits from regional raw materials - like their raw honey!

Caledonia Spirits Raw Honey Drizzled with a Drink | Revittle

Todd Hardie bought his first beehive when he was just 12 years old. This sparked something within Todd and a 30 year career was born when he opened Honey Gardens Apiaries. Since then, Todd has focused on distilling his raw honey to create Barr Hill Gin and Vodka. Raw honey plays a crucial role in all of his work.