Capricorn Foods Cheddar Cheese Crisps | Revittle
Capricorn Foods Cheddar Cheese Crisps | Revittle Capricorn Foods Cheddar Cheese Crisps | Revittle

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Cheddar is the Original CheeseCrisp.  It is the best part of a grilled cheese sandwich, the part that spilled on the griddle!  It is great on a bowl of chili or with some salsa.

CountyLake County
ProducerCapricorn Foods
ProductCheddar Cheese Crisps
TypeCheddar Style Cheese

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CheeseCrisps were born of an idea from my childhood. A babysitter ruined a grilled cheese sandwich. The cheese all ran out onto the grill and cooked crisp. That was the best part of the sandwich! So, from the time I was allowed to use my mother's stove, I tried to recreate that ‘mistake’ without the bread. By the time I had a family of my own, I had perfected the technique and was making toasted cheese chips for family and friends. One summer, I went to a local Farmer's Market to see if they would sell. Customers raved about them and came back over and over to get more. Soon I was able to get into supermarkets, meat markets and specialty wine & cheese shops. Now you can find my Gourmet CheeseCrisps in over 50 locations throughout the Midwest.

Capricorn Foods | Revittle
Capricorn Foods is a small Midwest artisan baker of  Gourmet Cheese Crisps, a sophisticated chip. These wafer thin chips are made entirely from cheese. Currently we make a 'Cheddar' which is made from aged Sharp cheddar cheese and has a distinct sharp cheddar flavor, a 'Smoked Gouda' version which has a nice mild flavor with a bit of a smoky finish and a classic 'Parmesan'. All of our cheese is made from milk that is rBGH and antibiotic free. All of our products are also naturally gluten and carbohydrate free. This high protein, high calcium chip is used as a garnish on soups, chili, salads and vegetables. It can be paired with fruit such as apples and pears or grapes and served with wine. It is a great alternative for an anytime snack. Capricorn Foods is dedicated to creating a delicious and unique product from healthy, quality ingredients for the discerning customer.