East Hill Creamery Happy Accident Raclette | Revittle
East Hill Creamery Happy Accident Raclette | Revittle East Hill Creamery Happy Accident Raclette

Size: 8 oz.

Creamery Minimum Ship Quantity: 4 (Can be different products from the same creamery.)

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Happy Accident is a raclette style cheese with a truly unique taste. Aged for 3-4 months, Happy Accident is still creamy and luscious, but with a distinctive tangy, fruity finish. Happy Accident will add an interesting twist to any dish, but we love it in fondue. Pairs well with a funky Spanish cider, strawberry jam, and sour beers.

StateNew York
CountyWyoming County
ProducerEast Hill Farm
ProductHappy Accident Raclette
TypeRaclette Style Cheese
AgingCellar Aged for 3-4 Months
Production MethodsFamily Farm
Production MethodsFarmstead Cheese
Production MethodsRotational Grazing, Grasses, Herbs, Flowers
Production MethodsHandcrafted
Production MethodsRaw Milk
Production MethodsCow's Milk

Our partners are farmstead cheese making professionals using old world techniques and recipes. Your cheese is hand picked and shipped from the farmer’s cave to your door. To ensure the quality of the cheese during delivery, our partners will only ship Monday through Wednesday with 1 - 2 day delivery.

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