Revittle Gift Box | Revittle

Send your friends and family a curated box of unique, small-batch, artisan Pennsylvania products! This box is the perfect gift that will be remembered for years to come. Standout with a gift that will impress even the most discerning palate.

Each box includes the following:

Labrador Morbier

 Our flagship cheese! Made in two halves, one from sheep's milk and one from goat's milk, it is separated by a decorative line of vegetable ash running horizontally through the middle. The flavor of Labrador Morbier is both delicate and rustic. The sweetness of the sheep's milk is in total harmony with the bold taste of the goat's milk. Try each layer separately and then together, for a variety of flavor experiences.

Labrador Artisan Small Batch Popcorn

Lightly buttered and sprinkled with Himalayan Sea Salt; once you open our large bag of theatre style popcorn it may be hard to put down.

Labrador Handmade Crackers

Made in Central Pennsylvania, Labrador crackers are the perfect salty companion to our cheeses and meats. Enjoy them alone or with dips and spreads.

Parma Pepperoni

Pure, old world style pepperoni, packed with lots of flavor. This pepperoni is aged not cooked for authentic taste. Using old world techniques and recipes.

Otterbein Shepherd’s Delight

You'll fall quickly in love with this domestic Pecorino-style cheese made by Otterbein Acres Creamery. Look for a deep and pleasant flavor accompanied by the taste of toasted nuts, forest mushrooms and caramelized milk.

Otterbein Shepherd’s Alpine

Shepherd’s Alpine is a semi-aged cheese which spills over with big, rich, barnyard and toasted nut flavors. Made from a privately held recipe of sheep and goat’s milk, Shepherd’s Alpine moves from simple to complex while aging on wooden boards in a stream fed andcooled subterranean cheese cave.

Salumeria Biellese Cacciatorini

Dry sausages, such as Italian Cacciatorini, were namedfor the hunters who carried these small rustic salamis in their pockets and ate them for a quick meal usually accompanied with bread and cheese.