Jason Wiebe Dairy Cottonwood River Cheddar | Revittle
Jason Wiebe Dairy Cottonwood River Cheddar | Revittle Jason Wiebe Dairy Cottonwood River Cheddar | Revittle Jason Wiebe Dairy Cottonwood River Cheddar | Revittle Jason Wiebe Dairy Cottonwood River Cheddar | Revittle Jason Wiebe Dairy Cottonwood River Cheddar | Revittle
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Cottonwood River Cheddar is a raw milk aged cheddar with intense flavor that develops a full, slightly sweet flavor without the acid bite of a typical aged cheddar. The texture is still creamy but with more of a crystalline crunch. The color is a pale yellow from the small amount of annatto that is added to the milk at the beginning of the cheesemaking process. It is aged for about a year. A note on this cheddar, certain pieces of this cheese will have a white crystalline structure on the outside that can be mistaken for mold, but it is a natural formation of tyrosine (the crunchy bits that make aged cheese tastier).


CountyMarion County
ProducerJason Wiebe Dairy
ProductCottonwood River Cheddar
TypeCheddar Style Cheese
AgingAged 8-12 Months
Production MethodsFarmstead
Production MethodsVegetarian Rennet
Production MethodsRaw Milk
Production MethodsCow's Milk

Our partners at Jason Wiebe Dairy are cheese making professionals using old world techniques and recipes. Your cheese is hand picked and shipped right from their cheese cave to your door. To ensure the quality of the cheese during delivery, all shipments will go out Monday through Wednesday with 1-2 day delivery.

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Jason Wiebe Dairy is a third generation dairy farm located on the historic Santa Fe Trail in Central Kansas. We milk about 120 mixed breed cows, and do some grazing. We do not give our cows growth hormones or milk producing hormones (BST). In 2000, we started making cheese in our house and selling raw milk cheese to neighbors. In 2003, we were inspected and got a permit from the Kansas Department of Ag to produce cheese in a new building built next to the barn where the cows are milked. We made pasteurized milk cheeses for several years, and then added raw milk cheese to our lineup, with the demand growing rapidly for raw milk cheeses.

Jason Wiebe Dairy | Revittle

This is farmhouse cheese produced right on the farm. Natural cheese at its best. Jason and his family are committed to sustainable agriculture.  Farming in ways to guarantee the future of agriculture. This natural cheese is a perfect choice to go with just about anything you'd eat with cheese. Shred it, melt it, slice it and create your own culinary delight. Try it with fajitas, chili, or soup. Slice some and eat it with apples, pears or dark breads like pumpernickel and rye. Have some on  hamburgers, hot dogs and apple pie, a tried-and-true American delight.  Or serve this great natural cheese with crackers as an hors d'oeuvre.

Jason Wiebe Dairy | Revittle