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Cacciatorini can be separated into two words Cacciatori which means ‘hunter’ in Italian and the ‘ini’ on the end of the word implies ‘small.’ Cacciatorini was traditionally a small sausage used by hunters as a snack as they were small in size, easy to put in a knapsack or pocket, and normally consumed all at one meal.

The history of this salame can be traced to the time of the Longobard invasions in the hilly regions of Lombardy, Italy, in the middle 500’s. The main staple of the diet of the invading barbarians was cured meat, mostly pork because it preserved well and endured their long invading migrations.

Today, Cacciatorini sausages are popular for their characteristic taste and small size, which adds to its popularity since it is always eaten quickly while still remarkably fresh. Salumeria Biellese Cacciatorini is made from pure coarsely ground pork, lightly seasoned with garlic and rustic red wine. The flavor is consistent, fresh, slightly sweet and salty, and balanced with just the right amount of white fat marbled with the rich burgundy color of air cured/dried pork.

As the hunters knew centuries ago, cacciatorini is the perfect take anywhere snack. A tasty addition to a family antipasto as well as the star of a charcuterie board pared with a dry aged cheese, cacciatorini survives in its simplicity.

StateNew York
CountyNew York (Manhattan)
CityNew York City
ProducerSalumeria Biellese
TypePork Sausage Seasoned with Red Wine and Garlic
AgingAir-Cured and Dried
Production MethodsFamily Owned
Production MethodsAged
Production MethodsHandcrafted
Production MethodsPork

Our partners at Salumeria Biellese are professionals using old world techniques and recipes. Your cured product is hand picked and shipped from Salumeria Biellese's curing facility to your door. Cured meat ships easily. To ensure the quality of the product during delivery, our partners will be able to ship Monday through Friday with ground delivery.

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The word salumi comes from the Italian word salume, pl. salumi "salted meat", derived from Latin sal "salt". A salumeria is a food producer and retail store that produces salumi and other food products and shares many of the same characteristics as a delicatessen. The salumeria originated in Italy during the Middle Ages. Biellese means native to Biella a province in Northern Italy stretching across the Piedmont. This unspoiled region is known for its impressive culinary tradition and great wines. Put Salumeria-Biellese together and you have found a New York Italian Deli on the corner of 8th Avenue and 29th Street in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, New York City.

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In 1925, two friends from the Italian Province of Biella, decided New York was ready for some delicacies from home, and opened a shop just one block from the current location and named it Italian Salumeria Biellese-Groceries and Charcuterie. Together they made Italian dry cured salted meats to sell in their shop. They used mostly pork, old world traditions, and recipes to make salame, capocollo, mortadella, zampino, testa, and sausages. Soon they were supplying restaurants with their classic meats that evoked memories of the old country and appealed to both chefs and patrons.

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Nearly 100 years later, their meats are made in the same traditional style and can be found being enjoyed in homes and restaurants all over the country. Now their meats and sausages are made from pork, beef, lamb, and poultry, as well as wild boar, rabbit and duck. On their website, article after article extol the virtues of their impressive, flavorful meats. By staying loyal to old world craftsmanship and keeping an emphasis on authenticity and quality, Salumeria-Belliese was selected to receive the coveted Slow Food NYC award for its contributions to authenticity, quality and sustainability.