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This semi-firm wheel with a crisp rind is savory with a hint of pungency. Dense and creamy, Kinkead is brine washed in the beginning to intensify flavor, then aged to perfection in Sprout Creek Farm's ripening rooms. Kinkead is smooth with an elastic texture. 

Raw cows’ milk

Aged at least 6 months

This cheese is hormone, stereoid, and antibitotic free.

Available year-round

Kinkead is produced by Sprout Creek Farm in Poughkeepsie, New York.

StateNew York
CountyDutchess County
ProducerSprout Creek Farm
TypeWashed Rind Cheese
AgingMinimum 6 Months
Production MethodsFarmstead
Production MethodsHandcrafted
Production MethodsAntibiotic, Stereoid, and Hormone Free
Production MethodsRaw Milk
Production MethodsCow's Milk

Our partners at Sprout Creek Farm are farmstead cheese making professionals using old world techniques and recipes. Your cheese is hand picked and shipped right from their cheese cave to your door. To ensure the quality of the cheese during delivery, all shipments will go out Monday through Wednesday with 1-2 day delivery.

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Spanning over 800 acres in Dutchess County, New York, Sprout Creek Farm is a unique jewel in the middle of the Hudson River Valley near Poughkeepsie. Their mission is to educate, cultivate, and inspire and they do this through three distinct entities that are linked together through their common mission. Sprout Creek Farm is most importantly a working farm which raises free-ranging cows, sheep, goats, free-range turkeys, guinea fowl, chickens, and pigs. It is secondly, a retail market, which sells their internationally award-winning cheeses and farm-produced meats, as well as local Hudson Valley milk, eggs, vegetables, crafts, and gifts. And lastly, and most unique, it is an educational center which offers day, weekend, and summer programs that help young people become more aware and to appreciate our responsibility to the land and the animals and plants that exist side-by-side.

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The Creamery on the farm is where the organic milk becomes cheese. The cheese begins with the rich and creamy milk of their herd of grass-fed Jersey, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorn, Normande and Holstein cows and Nubian, Toggenburg and Oberhasli goats. These award winning artisanal cheeses are made using the age-old tradition of European farmstead cheese, a method that heightens the inherent qualities of the milk. Cultured milk is cut into curds using cheese harps; the curds are then gently stirred as they are heated to express the whey. The cheese is placed into molds and then settled in a climate-controlled room from 3 weeks to 18 months to ripen. This natural process allows the flavors of the cheese to change with the earth's natural cycle. As each season flows into the next, the cheese will reflect the subtle differences as the pasture grasses change with the fickel temperatures and fluctuating amounts of rainfall.

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Educate, cultivate, and inspire - a mission that is reflected in Sprout Creek Farm's commitment to making delicious products from safe and natural ingredients.

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