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Farm, Friendship, and Our Founder


Our founder, Mark Zimmerman, spent a career in tech. After an exciting run with a Silicon Valley technology company and extensive time in Europe, Mark became enchanted with the foods in northern Italy, France, and Switzerland. During his travels, he realized the majority of Americans were settling for substandard cheese. While the cheese was on every menu and in every grocery store, good cheese made the traditional European way was very hard to come by.

Serendipitously, Mark began a friendship with a local cheesemaker in rural Pennsylvania who convinced him that the cheese his heart yearned for could be created on U.S. soil. Revittle was born. Our mission is to reconnect all Americans with the taste, joy, and health benefits of all-natural cheese made the way it should be.


“Our kids deserve to appreciate the taste of real cheese, to enjoy the adventure of traveling just by what’s on their plate, and all the long-term health benefits chemical-free food can bring.”

— Mark Zimmerman, Founder

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