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As with so many other things in life, building a cheese company is a collaboration. This page is dedicated to our friends and family who have helped us keep the creamery running in the face of new challenges. 

Dr. Robert Myers

Dr. Robert Myers (a friend and neighbor) helped us dig a hole when we needed to install our new 20,000 gallon whey tank. As a fellow farmer, he came out within 24 hours so we could keep the creamery open. 

The Zimmerman Family

Readying the new offices, Mrs. Zimmerman, kids and family picked up paint brushes to give our new expanded headquarters a few fresh coats. 

Amy and Alessandra lending enthusiasm and time to bring the conference room a new look. 

Olivia washing our tables outdoors despite the cold January 24th weather. 

Daughters and cousins packing snack trays for donation to local hospitals during the initial COVID outbreak. Many food vendors pulled out of healthcare facilities, leaving busy doctors and nurses without any food while on the job. Revittle stepped in and made thousands of units. 

Mark preparing a fresh block of gouda. 

Our Engineer 

Pictured with our new compressor is our go-to mechanic and engineer. Without his mechanical skills and dedication to the company, we'd have a hard time growing as fast as we do. 

Chef Hannah

French trained in the Swiss mountains, our chef Hannah perfected her trade in Tokyo and later at H.E.B. in Texas. We are lucky to have her here in Central Pennsylvania. 

Ryan Eldredge 

Ryan works for CBS news and was instrumental in helping Revittle gain local publicity. During his morning news spot, Ryan interviewed our founder, Mark, and continued to promote our cheese throughout the day. 

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